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Robots Beyond

Meet robots both familiar and fantastic within this anthology.

Contains ”How Coyote Made Robot“ by John W. Oliver

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John W. Oliver is a writer of fantasy and horror fiction. His work can be found both online and in print. He's a San Diego import who has yet to adapt to the idea of shorts and sandals. When not writing, he enjoys a good game among friends and staring at a good map.

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  • January 29, 2014/span> Breaking Out the Paints

    Once upon a time, on a desk long discarded, I started painting miniatures. They were Ral Partha figures, cast in lead. I painted them with Testor oil-based paints, the same paints I used on my model cars and trucks. I had no idea about primer or technique. No idea about lead exposure. I was a teen-ager and slapping paint on my figure of my thief made me happy. I didn't need to know anything more.

    Once I got to college, one off figures wasn't enough. Games Workshop caught my interest with Warhammer and Warhammer 40k. Playing was fun, but painting was better. I learned the importance of primer. The importance of a good brush. The techniques of pinning, cutting and sculpting. After college, I started ordering parts straight from GW as I converted my own figures. Miniatures transformed from lead to pewter. Less toxic I started with Chaos Space Marines, but I fell in love with the armor and troopers of the Imperial Guard. I painted Valhallans my own color scheme and called them Utgard. Read more …

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